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STAGE LIGHTING & Special Effects

Light Up the Sound is an industry leader in lighting services for performances of all kinds. Our team of experienced professionals can provide custom lighting installations to fit every unique setting. We work hard to ensure that every artist has a perfect audio-visual environment that will make their performance stand out! Let us help you take your show from good to extraordinary – contact us today and find out how Light Up the Sound can help you shine!

We have extensive experience with providing specialized lighting and audio effects for musical events in Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Canton, Milford, and the surrounding areas. Our range of services is extensive, as includes but is not limited to: moving lights that can follow performers to create movement and energy, various-colored lights to perfectly set the atmosphere for any event, wash lights for visibility as well as fog, haze, and bubbles to make entrance and exit stages extra dramatic.

Colorful stage with special effects lighting

STAGE LIGHTING & Special Effects


Use moving lights to follow performers and create movement and energy, colored lights to set the mood, wash lights and uplighting for atmosphere and visibility, and even bubbles, haze and fog for dramatic entrances, exits and finales.

We set up and orchestrate lighting and audio effects for performances at churches, fashion shows, music videos, club and bar performances, Live Wedding Bands, Tribute Bands, and many more. Contact us to learn more about specialty lighting and audio effects for your upcoming event in Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, Canton, Milford and the surrounding areas. We are also the official Lighting Company for Tributesville, Serve Hot, and Static Bands.

Concert with a band on a colorful stage with special effects lighting

  • Charlie Martin of the original Silver Bullet Band
  • George Clinton
  • Andy Vargas
  • Dennis Chambers
  • Slight Return
  • Pumpkinfest South Lyon
  • Milford Memories for many years.

Our team is the premier choice for all your special event needs. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of specialty lighting solutions!

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